Discussion about the internationalization and localization of ProcessMaker
By schuerstedt
I will start translation soon. If someone would like to help here, please give me a sign :-)


By Tikker
Hey Folks,

I have pretty much completed a German translation of ProcessMaker.
I had some trouble getting it to work properly, but now it seems to be fine.
It will need a round of QA, I haven't seen all labels in use yet (some may not fit their boundaries), but for most tasks it should be more or less OK.

German Translation V0.9
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By freddy76
pcabero wrote:I'm glad to inform we have a section in our International Zone for German. Marcus Schuerstedt is now the moderator for this sub-foum.

Vielen Dank Marcus to take in charge this task.
Is it possible to enter the german group? or are there enough people to work?
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By amosbatto
I have been only 25 posts in the German forum since we started the ProcessMaker forum. Anyone can post there. Are you interested in becoming a moderator for that forum?
By doug4knfpu
schuerstedt wrote:I will start translation soon. If someone would like to help here, please give me a sign :-)


Any new language translations planned?
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By liliana

We're working on this right know we hope to have a good update for the language soon.

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By liliana
Good morning Florian,

We're still looking for someone yo help us with German translations since the last update is from 2011, any news about it we'll let you know.

Best Regards.
By wadex1
Hi Liliana and Florian,

as I'm working in Germany I modified the .po-file to my needs. A lot of translation went into this file for version 2.0.43.
The parts for operators are mostly translated, whereas a lot of work is still to do for administrative expressions (Setup and Admin parts).

Where should I put this file as it is about 920 kB ?


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By liliana
Hi Herbert,

That's amazing!!! could you send me the .po file to my mail lilianaATcolosaDAT.com I'll test it and sent to QA to have it test and it will be published for sure for version 2.0.44.

Many thanks.
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