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Hello, I am currently having trouble displaying a checked Checkbox on the Output Document, I have found some topics but using Checkgroups instead of the Checkbox. Thank you in advance for your help.
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Hi there,

Reference link:
Example screenshot attached FYI, good luck, cheers.

1/ Prepare the HTML doc for the output doc, say have a checkbox
2/ Insert a case variable along side with the checkbox html code
3/ Write a trigger and place this trigger before the step of generating output doc, in order to set the value of case var
4/The output doc should show with a checkbox checked
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Hello, kirkwg thank you for your response,

I tried making my own process using the example provided by you, but I am still having trouble. I am not sure if it's the value on the HTML Output Doc or on the checkbox defined in the Dynaform.

Thank you again for you help.
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It looks like there is a bug there in Processmaker:

<div><input type="checkbox" name="contactClient" value="contact" @#checking />Contact Client</div>
as it will interpreted as
<div><input type="checkbox" name="contactClient" value="contact" checking="" />Contact Client</div>

In the meantime, try don't use the checkbox in output doc , converted it the format as e.g.
chekcbox_1 = "true" or "false" //display like this in output doc

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