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By alisoroush7
hello guys
i have a textbox that is named Price. i want a javacode to not allow pepople entering anything except numbers in that field. for example if they enter a text, a pop up message appear and until they correct it , they can not submit the form.
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By kirkwg
Why not dynaform > textbox > property > to set validate; no JS coding is needed.
Choose one option below to set the Validate:
    Only integers: ^\d+$
    Only positive or negative integers: ^[\-+]?\d+$
    Integers or decimal numbers: ^[\-+]?\d*\.?\d*$
    Number with up to two decimal digits: ^[\-+]?\d*(\.\d{0,2})?$
    Number with exactly two decimal digits: ^[\-+]?\d*\.\d{2}$
doc FYI:
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