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I'm not able to execute SQL Server stored procedures using the executequery. All queries work fine insert/update etc.
This is the code I use:
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$proc = @@PROCESS;
$result = executeQuery("SELECT DBS_UID FROM DB_SOURCE WHERE PRO_UID='$proc' " .

if (!is_array($result) or count($result) == 0) 

$db = $result[1]['DBS_UID'];
executeQuery ("EXEC UPD_RDA '20200901164359363','123',''", $db);
Any idea how to solve?
Thanks in advance.
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The function is made for local queries and the syntax is as follows

variant executeQuery(string SQLStatement, string DBConnectionUID='workflow')

but in your example it is : executeQuery ("EXEC UPD_RDA '20200901164359363','123',''", $db);

string SQLStatement: The SQL statement to be executed, must begin with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, EXECUTE, EXEC, SHOW, DESCRIBE, EXPLAIN or BEGIN.

I share with you the documentation

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That seems quite easy ,thanx for halping