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By fuian84
Hi all,

I am using the bitnami stack for processmaker and have a problem with the latest version 3.4.11 (updated from I think 3.4.6). If I click on participated I am getting this error: "
An unexpected error occurred while searching for your results. Error Code 200 and Please contact your administrator."

Is it a bug and have to wait for new release, or does someone have a solution for it?

Many thanks for any help!
By psitpkul
after follow the troubleshooting, I can't restart mysql server back to service. After try to restart the server go back to shutdown with error:
Unknown error restarting mysql
Starting MySQL Database...
Exit code: 1
By OnmoviesApp
Some of you may be getting the following error message when clicking the "Participated" button: Some data could not be parsed. Refresh and try again
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By programerboy
I made a video to help you solve this problem, you can watch it and solve your problem accordingly.

Please check the following video:

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