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By shereensoliman
i have boolean variable that is can not be change it's value in trigger , i want to check for update row in database
$db = '3011588145f029b2e6c5b35006271957'; // UID for the database connection

executeQuery("UPDATE [dbo].[Roles] SET
[Name] = '"[email protected]@roleName."'
,[CountryID] = " [email protected]@Country."
,[RoleDescription] = '"[email protected]@Description."'
,[IsActive] = "[email protected]@Status[0] ."
,[LastUpdateDate] = '".date('Y-m-d H:i:s')."'
,[LastUpdatedby] = '"[email protected]@Updatedby."'

WHERE ID = " . @@ID ,$db) == 0)

@@databaseupdated = 0;}
@@databaseupdated = 1;}

@@databaseupdated value not updated to 0 or 1
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