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We have installed ProcessMaker 3.3.6-community in the internal network.
Our root certificate for the web server expired last week and was replaced by a new one.
With the exception of the AndroidApp, everything works as expected.
The error message is: "A Server with the specified hostname could not be found"
The certificate has been issued by "Sectigo RSA Organization Validation Secure Server CA", former COMODO RSA.

Can someone help me or tell me where the error is. How can I debug the Andorid app connection if necessary.
Same problem here,
I've installed Process Maker Community Edition - 3.4.9 from Bitnami.
i try to access using local ip address in mobileapps android, without SSL.
Just like this : "" and i can make sure my workflow is right.
but its failed to login,
its say "Connection Error, file cannot be uploaded" or
"A server with the specified hostname could not be found"
does the mobileapps require a secure connection (https)?
am i have miss configuration at server?

thank you in advance,

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