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By rguerra16

I recently installed PM 3.4.9 to work on some integration concepts with BPM.
Its installed on RHEL 7.8 mySQL 5.7 and PHP7.3.17 using the instructions on stack N265 for nginx.

I got some trouble installing the mssql extensions but after solving a couple of broken relations i got it on. But now, when i open a Dynaform that has a query directly to the mssql database, i get this warning:
***Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /opt/processmaker/thirdparty/creole/drivers/mssql/MSSQLConnection.php on line 367**

I tried searching on it here but no luck. Also on the internet, but seems something you can change on your code.
Hope someone has had solved this issue before :D
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By RicardoMG

If the database connection was successful, then you can do the following in the php.ini so that you don't see these warnings:
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_WARNING & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED

Best regards, Ricardo
By rguerra16
Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your reply.
After submitting this ticket i did that and didn´t work. I copied exactly the same line that you have and still.
Eventhough we have this line, the display_errors value is set to off. So it should be reporting anything, right?

Any other file that might have this configuration?

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By RicardoMG

So that it takes the changes the php.ini file, you need to restart the nginx service.
Do You restart the nginx service?

Well, in the line of code that I passed to you, it will disable the warnings and notifications that php can launch when using processmaker

Best regards, Ricardo.
By rguerra16
Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, i did restart nginx and php services.
Weird, because the error display is off, so it shouldn´t be displaying anything. I also found that probably in the .conf file for processmaker, you could enter something similar for error displays. I did that too and didn´t work.

Clean the cache and open it on another browser in case it was that, but still same result. Any other idea?

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