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By Alex123567
Hi there,

I'm new with ProcessMaker, using community version 3.4.7. for a while and the thing is that diagramm, that I was drewing about last 4 hours, was empty after reopening :cry: with no errors. What did I do wrong? please help :)

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By RicardoMG
Hi Alex! , maybe you forgot to save your process design in the "Designer" option, it is recommended that any changes that you develop you press the "save" button that is in the designer bar.
By Alex123567
Hi Ricardo, thanks for your reply :)
As I read there are autosave option which save all that you drew every 15 sec. in processmaker also, if something not saved, program should ask before closing window: do I want to save or not? but there were no questions, so I thought that all was saved with autosave option.
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By RicardoMG

This is very strange!!
I recommend you update your processmaker to the latest version that is 3.4.10, I leave the download link below:

Also I leave you information from the official page of ProcessMaker for you perform the update:

Best Regards, Ricardo.

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