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Hi ,

It is a possible to reassign user on same task using drop down field selection after submit.

In the current process, I have assign to task set of user in one group using "self service" assignment and I have shown all users in drop down the assigned current Task . I want reassign the same task the selected "users" in drop down after the submit.

Hi Vaibhav,

In order to do that, In the Assignment rules, please choose the Manual Assignment and assign your group of users you have after that the task will have the option to be worked on by anyone inside the group. Choose the user that will be working on the task from the dropdown and then click on continue.

To more information please check the following link: ... Assignment

Please, let me know if you have any doubts.

Kind Regards.
Hi ,

Thanks for sharing Reply. but I want to reassign "same Task" by select "drop down" user list without using manual assignment and without reassign task button.

The "manual assignment" assign next task and I want to following reassign task:-

1) first assign task one user.
2) after inside the form "drop down" users selection, reassign the current(same) task to selected "drop down" user.

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