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By justinopsky
I have a trigger who does a query to a external database,
In that database i have a miltiples perssons with multiplle rows request.
So i need to send a email to each one with a output document with data in database?
For exemple
Person 1
1 Computer
2 Monitores
email: [email protected]

Person 2
5 mouses
1 PC
3 Keybordas


The itens return has array
Its possible to send a email to each one with the itens of them?

in my trigger who save the data to processmaker variavels, and foreach row in person a send a email.
The problem is the emails are correctly sent, and the fields are in the email mensagem, but in the output document the variavels are empaty, but the system variavels (like APP_number ) are correctly send.

For this problem i am trying to use some of this exemples: ... _Documents
can anyone help me?
By justinopsky
I solved the problem with the processmaker funcion PMFSaveCurrentData();
So my trigger have a foreach cicle with 3 stages
1ª Stage - set the values returned from database query to processmaker variavels.
2º After sets the values i use the processmaker funcion PMFSaveCurrentData();
3º send a email with the funcion PMFSendMessage() and PMFGenerateOutputDocument();
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