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By mfaisel
Following suggestion posted in Suggested in viewtopic.php?t=709685#p787545

I am trying to execute a 'trigger' code when a button is clicked. FYI, I have constructed the following codes with debug mode enabled.

1st trigger before dynaform - to set a hidden variable named 'app_uid' in the dynaform
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@@app_uid = @@APPLICATION;
The dynaform JavaScript
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var host = PMDynaform.getHostName();              // get the hostname
var ws = PMDynaform.getWorkspaceName();           // get the current workspace
var token = PMDynaform.getAccessToken();          // get the access Token

var apiServer = location.protocol + '//' + host + '/api/1.0/' + ws;
var app_uid = $('#app_uid').getValue();
var trigger_uid  = '6882411815dedfb9a234b33075746263';

// myBtn OnClick event
$("#myBtn").on("click", function(){
  let execute_trigger_url = apiServer + "/cases/" + app_uid + "/execute-trigger/" + trigger_uid;
    url: execute_trigger_url,   
    data: { abc: 'DEF' },  		
    type: "PUT",
    beforeSend: function(xhr){xhr.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + token);},
    success: function(put_data){        
  return false;  //return false to stop submit action
2nd trigger (UID:6882411815dedfb9a234b33075746263) to be executed in the above JavaScript code
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error_log('OK'); // sent to apache's error.log
echo 'OK';
Problem: I was not able to locate the word 'OK' anywhere not in the debugger window, not in browser's Web Developer console and not in Apache's error.log

I am very sure that the 'success:' block was not executed.

Please assist.
Thank you.
This is an tested code for use ajax in your form:
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var host = PMDynaform.getHostName();
var ws = PMDynaform.getWorkspaceName();
var token = PMDynaform.getAccessToken(); 
var app_uid = PMDynaform.getProjectKeys().caseUID;
var trig_uid = "3259996315cd920c9e4b849014483800";

function my_function(){
	  type : 'PUT',
	  url: host+'/api/1.0/'+ws+'/cases/'+app_uid+'/execute-trigger/'+trig_uid,
	  data : {
		id : $('#id').getValue()
	  beforeSend: function(xhr) {
		xhr.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'Bearer '+token);
	}).done(function (msg) {
	  if (msg.error) {
	  } else {
} ... 1iw/videos
Hello there. Please I need your help. My app_uid is returning null . It is a subform embedded in another form
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const app_uid = PMDynaform.getProjectKeys().caseUID;

Here is my code
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const host = PMDynaform.getHostName();
const ws = PMDynaform.getWorkspaceName();
const app_uid = PMDynaform.getProjectKeys().caseUID;
const token = PMDynaform.getAccessToken();
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$(document).ready(function() {
   console.log("host: " + host);
   console.log("ws: " + ws);
   console.log("app_uid: " + app_uid);
   console.log("token: " + token);
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By elisamartin08
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Any ideas in this regard? Thanks

Can anyone help me please??????

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