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Dear All
I want to create a dynaform. But the dynaform should show different buttons depending on the days of a leave request. For example, if this is a 1-day leave request, it should show "approve" in the supervisor. However if this leave is 3 or more days, then it should show "Agree" in the "supervisor" and request then be sent to the manager and show "Approve" button. How can I do this? Should I write a trigger ?

You can use two way javascript or trigger
For example with trigger you can do like this:
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@@hidden_js = '';
if(@@remain == 1){
	@@hidden_js .= '
else if(@@remain == 2){
	@@hidden_js .= '
else if(@@remain == 3){
	@@hidden_js .= '
Now you must create a hidden field in your dynaform with "hidden_js" name and with the bellow javascript code:
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$("document").ready( function(){
	if($('#hidden_js').getValue() != '')
}); ... jMXodwH1iw
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