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By manalidhuri
I want to display alert message using javascript, if input document is not uploaded in dynaform.
Is there any solution?

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By programerboy
If you checked the required checkbox of the multipleFile, the form check empty files automatically
But if you want check it with JavaScript a simple code is like this:
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function check_form(){
	var uploadedFiles = [];
	var uploadedFilesCount = $("input[name^='form[multipleFileVar005]']").length/3;
	for(var i=0;i<uploadedFilesCount;i++){
		if(document.getElementsByName('form[multipleFileVar005]['+i+'][appDocUid]').length > 0){
			var temp = [];
			temp[temp.length] = document.getElementsByName('form[multipleFileVar005]['+i+'][appDocUid]')[0].value;
			temp[temp.length] = document.getElementsByName('form[multipleFileVar005]['+i+'][name]')[0].value;
			temp[temp.length] = document.getElementsByName('form[multipleFileVar005]['+i+'][version]')[0].value;
	if(uploadedFiles.length == 0){
		alert('You must upload at least 1 file');
	else if(uploadedFiles.length > 2){
		alert('You must upload maximum 2 files.');
} ... jMXodwH1iw
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