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I have used the public API to list all Folders and documents by following this web page (To list the Folders and Subfolders -> ... uidfolders To list the documents -> ... idcontents)

My Problem

1. Is there any way to get folders and documents based on the app_uid. Is there any param that I can pass and retrieve only that case folders?
2. I frankly say this API is really good and I would you use this since it has more params and filters to retrieve my data. But I don't know where to give pass the app_uid or case id to retrieve only that documents?
3. Could you give me any input that I can proceed by this API?
Yes, I know this API( ... _Documents). As of now, this API getting all the folders and documents from the document manager. Can I use this API to get only the particular CASE / APP_UID documents?

I have the document manager:
docuemtns.png (39.54 KiB) Viewed 2453 times
Or is there any way to parse any params that will retrieve only that case documents?
You can create a rest endpoint that queries the APP_DOCUMENT table for a particular case, but I think that the best solution is to set all documents so they are stored in subfolders and then use the search option to search for the subfolder:
GET extrarest/documents/{fdr_uid}/folders?search=Case#20
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