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By nadobii
a user should be able to sort a grid based on a specified field (every column) in ascending or descending order in dynaform, i want to have ascending and descending icons on the top of columns and use them for sorting:
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thanks for your guidance
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By amosbatto
You can do sorting in grids with JavaScript:

If you want to sort a table of data with arrows in the column headers, then you can use datatables or paramquery in a panel.
By nadobii
thanks, the first solution is ok,
but i can't use paramquery in my grid :(
can you please explain in detail about this?
thanks for your consideration
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By amosbatto
nadobii wrote: Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:46 pm but i can't use paramquery in my grid :(
can you please explain in detail about this?
You have to create a Panel control in your Dynaform and put the table of data inside the panel. You can save the data as a JSON string in a hidden field inside your Dynaform.
I don't have any examples right now that I can share.
By nadobii
thanks for your help.
I will be so appreciated if you explain and share an example about this in a right time.
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yes i use php thanks for the information