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By rohitambre
Hi everyone,

I want to create multiple workspaces in my Processmaker I followed this .
but when I click on test, it keeps on loading and after 1 minute it gives following error
mysql-php-PM.png (8.35 KiB) Viewed 1988 times
It was throwing this error after exactly 1min so I increased mysql_timeout to 240s but still it is throwing this error.

I read this question on forum viewtopic.php?t=709062 but didn't help.
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By tomolimo
rohitambre wrote: Tue Jul 23, 2019 12:25 am No, I'm using manual installation in CentOS.
PM version:
Hello rohitambre,
Are you really still using this old version of ProcessMaker?
Don't you plan to switch to 3.3.0-community-RE-1.4?
Thank you,
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By tomolimo
Hello rohitambre,

Where did you get this screen copy?
Is it in the Admin part of your PM server like shown below?
or somewhere else?
Thank you,
(pm_morono in workflow)-2019-07-24 15_40_00.jpg
(pm_morono in workflow)-2019-07-24 15_40_00.jpg (369.98 KiB) Viewed 1941 times
By rohitambre
Hi tomolimo and amosbatto,
the screenshot shared in last comment is from processmaker admin menu only.

and tried setting
Code: Select all
debug = 1
in env.ini but it is not showing any error on screen or in php log file.

But I tried creating workspace on my other server where it got created successfully.

so one of the difference that I noticed is here my mysql is running on custom port and on the other sever it is running on default port i.e. 3306 is that causing a problem?
because this viewtopic.php?t=709062 forum question also had the same problem but I tried his solution it didn't work.
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By amosbatto
Under Admin > Case List Cache Builder, did you include the port number in the "Host" field like "localhost:3307"? When you clicked on "Setup Password", did it accept the new configuration?
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HI Thanks so much! This is just what I need.