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By kleung

It seems that PM can no longer integrate with OpenBravo.
Grateful I can be advised which open source ERP can PM be integrated with today.

Many Thanks

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By amosbatto
We don't offer an integration with an ERP.

If you are inside OpenBravo, you can write code to call ProcessMaker's REST API or Web Services.

If you are inside ProcessMaker, you can write code in triggers or JavaScript to call OpenBravo's REST Web Services
See: ... Manual#GET ... b-service/ ... webservice

I have never used OpenBravo, but I can answer questions about ProcessMaker's REST and WSDL Web Services.
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By amosbatto
Yes, we used to offer an OpenBravo integration, but it is no longer supported because the OpenBravo API has changed since 2009 when that plugin was created.

ProcesssMaker Professional Services can create a new integration for you if you are willing to pay for it. Otherwise, you will have to do it yourself.

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