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Hi all,
I've a strange behavoir with this piece of code (is an example, in production it doesn't show an alert but it set other values for other fields on the same row):
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function modifiedForm(fieldId, newVal, oldVal){
    console.log("fieldId: " + fieldId + " - newVal: " + newVal + " - oldVal: " + oldVal);
    if (oldVal != ''){
        rowID = (fieldId.substring(16,fieldId.length)).substring(0,(fieldId.substring(16,fieldId.length)).indexOf(']'));
        fieldTemp = ((fieldId.substring(16,fieldId.length)).substring(fieldId.substring(16,fieldId.length).indexOf('[')+1));
        field = fieldTemp.substring(0,fieldTemp.length-1);

        if (newVal!=oldVal){
			if (newVal > 500){
				alert("New value>500!");
In brief, it works fine when I make changes but when I remove a row the content of fieldId contain the old index row.
Anyone can help me to understand why and how I can resolve it?!?

I don't understand your question.

Is this what you want to do?
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function modifiedForm(fieldId, newVal, oldVal) {
   //check if changing a particular field in the grid.
   //change myGrid and myField to the IDs of your grid and your grid field.
   var aMatch = fieldId.match(/^\[myGrid\]\[(\d+)\]\[myField\]$/);
   if (aMatch && oldVal != '') {
        var rowNo = aMatch[1];

        if (newVal != oldVal) {
             var newValue = parseInt(newVal);

	     if (newValue > 500) {
		 alert("New value in row "+rowNo+" is over 500. Setting to maximum of 500");
                 $("#myGrid").setValue(500, rowNo, 3); //change 3 to the column number of grid that you want to change
Thanks for your reply,
no, the problem is that if you add more than one row and you exec the code you will have, modifying the 5th row, rowNo=5.
If you delete one row (from 1 to 4) and try to modiy the new 2nd row you have the same rowNo=5 when I'm expecting rowNo=2.
I hope I was clear.
You can try using this:
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var formId = $("form").prop("id");
$("#"+formId).change( function(e) {
  var val =;
  var aMatch = /^form\[clientList\]\[(\d+)\]\[(\w+)\]$/ );
  if (aMatch) {
    var rowNo = aMatch[1];
    var gridFieldId = aMatch[2];
    alert("Field "+gridFieldId+" in row "+rowNo+" was changed to '"+val+"'");
Where "clientList" is the ID of the grid.

I don't know how to get the previous value, but this will get you the row number and ID of the field in the grid.
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