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Our processmaker application is accessing many people around the globe.

For some users, when the upload files to a dynaform they are seeing that file was uploaded successfully (green progressbar reaches to right). And from case information -> input document an entry is there. But when I click for download that file nothing happens.
We have checked that the file is not present in the disk but there is an entry in APP_DOCUMENTS.

Can anyone suggest me a solution, or suggest me a way how can I debug further.
Are you using a File field? If so, the file is only saved to the file system after the Dynaform is submitted and after any triggers after the Dynaform have executed. If an error occurs or a timeout occurs while submitting or executing one of the triggers, then the file might not save correctly.

If your users aren't waiting until the Dynaform has finished submitting (and triggers fire after the Dynaform), before they click on another link, then the file won't be saved correctly.

Do you have any triggers after the Dynaform?

I recommend that you use a MultipleFile field instead of a File field to upload the files.
If you press F12 to open the web browser's debugger, and go to the "Net" or "Network" tab, which ProcessMaker file is generating this 502 error?
If you go to the "Console" tab, do you see any JavaScript error messages?
Are you using the ProcessMaker Mobile App to upload the file? (The REST endpoint is /light/ which is usually used by the mobile app endpoint. )
If this is a Mobile App problem, then you might want to use the "Mobile" User Experience and use a web browser on your mobile device, rather than the Mobile App.

By the way, which versions of ProcessMaker and the ProcessMaker Mobile App are you using?
You might want to file a bug report about this.
sharifruet wrote: Sun Jun 30, 2019 10:26 pm I am not using mobile app. Its web mobile UX skin.

Processmaker version 1.3.1
ProcessMaker version 1.3.1 doesn't exist. Do you mean ProcessMaker 3.3.1? I want to test this in the same version that you are using.

okay thanks

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