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I have a case which the duties of the users are data entry. Hence it would be convenient for them if the data entry process can be started automatically right after their logins.

Grateful if I can be advised how this can be done.

many thx

You can set the default menu to "CASES" and "New Case" under the properties of the user:
setDefaultMenu.png (7.13 KiB) Viewed 1354 times

From there the user has to click on the process to start a new case in it.

The other option is to design your own web site that uses ProcessMaker's REST and then you can start a new case in the process that you want.
HI Amos,

The users are internal users who can only use the dedicated case and are pretty IT illiterate. Hence it would be better if the case can be started automatically right after their logins.

Do you mean that using ProcessMaker's REST is the only way to start a case automatically after login?

Grateful if you can advise me some pointers of the program codes for doing so.

many thx

You can create your own custom web page with a login page. After the user logins in, you redirect to your custom page with the first form to start the case (or you can use Web Entry to do this), then you have to implement all the rest of the forms in the case yourself. You can use the sendVariables() web service or the Set Variables: PUT /cases/{app_uid}/variable REST endpoint to send the variables to the case and routeCase(). There are web services and REST endpoints for routing the case to the next task and displaying the list of cases.

Obviously you need to be a programmer to implement this. If you don't want to create the forms, then see my REST endpoint: ... session-id

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