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I have created a plugin and configured it as described in the "Configuration of the REST plugin" section: ... _Endpoints

I have executed the ./gulliver pack-plugin command.
The tar file has been created successfully but it does not contain the src directory .
The other directories and flles are included.

Please help.
Does your /src/ directory has file permissions that prevent it from being seen by the gulliver script?
Change the owner and file permissions to be the same as the rest of your plugin files.

By the way, you can manually pack the tar file from the command line like this:
cd /opt/plugins/pluginName
tar -cvf pluginName-X.tar pluginName.php pluginName

Where pluginName is the name of your plugin and X is the version number of your plugin.

For example:
cd /opt/plugins/extraRest
tar -cvf extraRest-1.13.tar extraRest.php extraRest

I have rechecked all the permissions starting from the /opt/plugins/pluginName directory.
cd /opt/plugins
chown -R apache pluginName
chgrp -R apache pluginName
chmod -R 777 pluginName
finally I have checked the Sample.php file permissions and changed it
( chmod 777 /opt/plugins/pluginName/pluginName/src/Services/Api/PluginName/Sample.php)
After all the operations the ./gulliver pack-plugin command is working properly.
Thank you very much.
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