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By jemiris
Why the due date is changed to abnormal dates. please look at the below image where the due date has strange. How to solve this problem. :?:
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By amosbatto
That is bizarre. Is the same value found in the APP_CACHE_VIEW.DEL_TASK_DUE_DATE and APP_DELEGATION.DEL_TASK_DUE_DATE in the database?

You can fix it by changing the values in the APP_CACHE_VIEW.DEL_TASK_DUE_DATE and APP_DELEGATION.DEL_TASK_DUE_DATE fields, but the question is how did you create those datetimes?
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By amosbatto
The case due date is calculated by Calendar::calculateDate(), which is defined in workflow/classes/class.calendar.php in 3.2.1 and earliear or workflow/engine/classes/Calendar.php in 3.2.2 and later.

It takes the calendar, and start date of the task and the expected time in the task properties to calculate the due date, so one of those is the problem. Try changing the calendar to see if that is the problem.
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By jemiris
I'm using 3.1 version.
My questions
1. From where the due date comes from :?:
2. Why it changes to the unclear format in case list inbox
3. how to fix that :?:
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By amosbatto
jemiris wrote:1. From where the due date comes from :?:
See my previous post were I explain that. The tricky part is which calendar is selected.
If the user doesn't have a set calendar, then the calendar of the task is used. If the task doesn't have a set calendar, then the calendar of the process is used. If the process doesn't have a set process, then the default calendar is used. For this reason, set a calendar for the user and see if that fixes it.

I have no idea what might have caused the bad calculation of the due date. Maybe you have a bad time in APP_CACHE_VIEW.DEL_INIT_DATE or maybe the calendar is bad or maybe you have a strange value for the expected time to complete in your task properties.
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