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If using ProcessMaker Community Edition, version 3.2.2 and later have the following critical bugs:

* Datetimes in logs use the UTC time zone in 3.2.2+
* Home > Participated doesn't work in 3.2.2+
* Options in the Information menu don't work in 3.3.0+

None of these problems exist in the Enterprise Edition, which receives a higher level of testing and quality assurance.

Here are instructions to fix the code in version 3.2.2 and later to work around these bugs: ... _upgrading

For now I don't recommend that anyone upgrade or install beyond version 3.2.1 Community, until these bugs get fixed. For people how have already installed/upgraded beyond 3.2.1 Community, apply the code fixes and please report any other problems that you encounter.

Sorry about the inconvenience,
Nickvermeulen wrote: Mon May 27, 2019 4:17 am Amos
Do you mean that we should not use 3.3.6 or is your warning just referring to 3.2 variants?
As of version 3.3.10, these bugs still haven't been fixed. You will have to change the source code to use 3.3.6 as explained in: ... _upgrading

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