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By amosbatto
Open the case in Debug Mode, and check whether you see anything in the __ERROR__ variable.

In your env.ini file, add the line:
debug = 1
Does it show any more information?

Do you see a record for the notification in the APP_MESSAGE table in the database?
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By amosbatto
You probably need to change the configuration under Admin > Email Settings or maybe you can't connect to your email server (connection down, blocked by firewall, etc.).

Look at the record for the notification, which is found in the APP_MESSAGE table in the database to make sure that it is sending to a valid email address and coming from a valid account.

Remember that the email's FROM line should be the same as the email account that you configured under Admin > Email Settings. For example, if you configured to send email from the account of [email protected], but you are trying to send it from the account of [email protected], then most email servers will reject the email as spam.

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Thanks Amos, I will check it.