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By HeshanKaru1994
When I'm inserting to the database I'm converting to local time (UTC +5.30) and add,but when I'm retrieving from the database and display in the grid that value do not show that value(instead show without UTC +5.30)
By HeshanKaru1994
Hi, the problem is that when I insert the data to the db I use a similar way to convert the timezone but when I retrieve that same value from the db it shows according to a different time(in the db it saves correctly)
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By amosbatto
You can use a trigger like this:
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@@myDatetimeAdjusted = date("Y-m-d H:i:s",  strtotime(@@myDatetime, '+5 hours 30 minutes' ));
PS: If you are using ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition, remember that It has automatic datetime conversion to the time zone of the user.

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