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I've got a problem with my Intermediate Email Events in processmaker.

Intermediate Email events are using the "Account From" field rather than the "From Name" field to say who the email was from. Sendgrid (my SMTP provider) forces me to use "apikey" in the Account From field to authenticate. This results in mail coming from "apikey".

However, when running a test email from the Mail Server setup wizard, the emails are sent using the "From Name" field as expected. So it seems like this functionality exists but is not working for Mail Events in the design view.

These two emails are using the same configuration, but the first one doesn't look great.

Any one else used sendgrid for this stuff?
ps. Emails sent through triggers also work fine, but this process has so many email events that writing triggers for all would be very time consuming,

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amosbatto wrote: Tue May 21, 2019 6:43 pm To fix this, you will have to edit the code for the function buildFrom($configuration, $from = ''), which is defined in gulliver/system/class.g.php (on line 5417 in version 3.3.8 ).
Thanks for pointing out where in the source this is Amosbatto.

To get this up and running quickly I've simply added this line to the function, since i'm happy with all emails to come from one address / alias.

$from = 'My Company Name'.'<mycompanyemail>';
return $from;

I've tested and it's working great.

Many Thanks!! :D

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