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By avanzyl
I have an actions by process, whereby some forms are skipped based on information given in the generate form. An output document is then generated at the end of the process, however I would not like to include the forms that were skipped in this output document.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.
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By amosbatto
Add a trigger to your process which will define variables to insert in your Output Document, which contain the HTML code containing the variables that may have been skipped in your process.

For example:
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@@clientSection = '';
//check whether a variable that may have been skipped has been filled:
if (!empty(@@clientName) ) {
   @@clientSection = "<p><b>Client Name:</b> "[email protected]@clientName."<br>\n".
       "<b>Client Phone:</b> ". @@clientPhone ."<br>\n".
       "<b>Client Email:</b> ". @@clientEmail ."</p>\n";   
Set the above trigger to fire before the Output Document (or any prior point in the process).

Then, place the following line in your Output Document template:
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