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Dear all,
I am new to PM and API integration in general and catching up with all the information out there.
We are Ellucian Banner school and have purchased Adobe Sign. And Adobe Sign is an affordable software option for document/signature sharing management, which we prefer to continuing to use it. And we like to possibly integrate Adobe Sign with workflow/process management software such as PM through API's? Has anyone done this work before, especially between Adobe Sign and PM? For instance, let them share information from each other. I think the only way is to develop JS/php using API's let them talk to each other. Besides, honestly I need some help understanding how this API programming works as well(a more generic question), architecture wise.

Thank you for your help
ProcessMaker doesn't have an integration with Adobe Sign. It looks like Adobe Sign supports REST, so you can add it yourself if you are a programmer. You can also call ProcessMaker Inc and ask how much it will cost to do an integration.

It is probably easier to use one of the types of electronic signatures that ProcessMaker already supports: SigPlus, E-Lock, DocuSign or the Signature field.
Amos, Thank you for your quick response. You seem to be an expert in this Process Maker and REST API things. Based on my research, I echo what you said. It looks like we need to develop REST API between PM and Adobe Sign because there is integration offer from either PM and Adobe Sign. But I am also new to developing REST API. Do you know any detailed steps like REST API step-by-step development/technical manual or web site with this kind of info that I can follow from the scratch? I have learned some from the Internet, but none of them provides me step-by-step tutorial on building REST API from nothing. :-) Most of them just tell me what REST API is.
Thanks, Lei
Adobe Sign REST: ...

Calling REST endpoints: ... _Endpoints
(these are examples for ProcessMaker REST, but the code should be the same for calling any REST endpoint.)

Adobe Sign uses oAuth2 to do login, so it should be the same code as login using ProcessMaker's oAuth2: ... cess_token

I haven't read the the Adobe Sign documentation, so I have no idea how hard it would be to implement this inside a ProcessMaker Dynaform, but these examples might help you: ... ing_jQuery
I read some of the links you sent and some other links I found elsewhere. I have a better picture on this REST API now, but have no hands-on experiences. Say, i want to integrate PM with Adobe Sign. Both of them have their own REST API's covering GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, etc.. And it seems to me that most of this API are written in JavaScript or PHP? I know JavaScript from my earlier years of web development experiences. It's a client-side scripting language that I used it to customize user front-end experience, i.e. page layout. Is JavaScript being used the same way here in REST API? honestly I haven't seen much similarity. :-) I just like someone can tell me from practical example/in plain and intuitive language (not tons of documentation) how this whole thing works and flows. Say, in order to make PM integrate with Adobe Sign, I need to develop some JavaScript, and customize PM's page to call Adobe Sign's API (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) and then pass the results back on PM's page??And my JavaScript resides in PM's page? As you can see, i still try to figure out how overall it works. I used to develop website, I understood how information flows and where I need to make changes to make something happen. I hope you can enlighten me on this subject. I am being information overloaded this past two days. :-) Thanks, Lei
Lei, the way that most of these electronic signatures work is either you put a link in the Dynaform and the user has to click on the link to sign the document, or you can put an <iframe> inside a Dynaform's panel field to display the electronic signature form.

As for how Adobe Sign works, you will have to read its documentation to learn how it works, because each e-signature program is different.
From your very last reply, I have a little better sense now on how this REST API works. So the links embedded in Dynaform, for instance, are the link with GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, etc. mentioned by many REST API training doc/video, right? So user clicked on the URL/link, and then it will go to service provider server (i.e. Adobe Sign) to fetch/do something over there.
During my learning, I saw many peoples demonstrated their codes usually having attributes and methods objects in there. Often times, there are req(uest) and res(ponse) variables and JSON list in there, too. Do I need to write those behind-the-scene codes? I believe they are so-called API codes. Or they are already written by PM or Adobe Sign? And all I need to do is referring to/calling them via the links mentioned earlier? If i need to write those codes, where do I store them then?
Practice-wise, do you see some of PM clients develop/customize the codes often or just often call/use the API created by PM? I can see developing/customizing can takes lots of knowledge and skills

Here I am trying to sort out my minds and digest all the intake in the past few days. :-)

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