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I am using processmaker-3.3.6-1 version and I am trying alot to change the header background color. I had change the logo and want to match the background colour of logo and header. So please let me know is there any way to do it.
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Edit your workflow/engine/skinEngine/neoclassic/layout.html file and change line 14 from:
<td id="pm_header" valign="top" {if $user_logged neq '' or $tracker neq ''}style="border-bottom:1px solid #e7e7e7;"{/if}>
<td id="pm_header" valign="top" {if $user_logged neq '' or $tracker neq ''}style="background-color: purple; border-bottom:1px solid #e7e7e7;"{/if}>

Where "purple" is the color that you want.

You can also create a custom skin which has your own layout.html file.
Go to Admin > Languages and select English and then click on Export. After you download the PO file, you can edit it with PoEdit to change the labels. See: ... ocessMaker

After you finish editing the PO file, then return to Admin > Languages and click on Import to upload your updated PO file.
How to change the Menu hover color?
And also, I want to do something interesting.
Let say, A visitor is viewing this macerator toilet page ... y-upflush/. This page has added "Other" menu. When a visitor visits that toilet page, this "Other" menu color will be automatically red. Is it possible?
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In workflow/engine/skinEngine/neoclassic/css/style.css, change:
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ul#pm_menu a:hover {
I added documentation to explain how to do this: ... _in_a_link

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