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By HeshanKaru1994
A -> B
A and B are two dynaforms, and when A completes an incomplete new record is added to a pm table and if the user click on the previous step that incomplete record should be deleted from the table. How to implement such a occurance

Thank you
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By amosbatto
You can add an onclick handler to the "previous step" link to set a value in a hidden field if the user clicks on the "previous step" link. Then a trigger would check if there is a value in the hidden field's variable and use executeQuery() to delete the database record.
For example, this JavaScript could be used:
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$("#dyn_backward").click( function() {
Where "clickedPrevious" is the ID of a hidden field in your Dynaform.

Then, set the following trigger to fire before your Dynaform A:
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if (@@clickedPrevious == 'YES') {
    @@clickedPrevious = ''; //reset for next time 
    $caseNo = @@APP_NUMBER;
    executeQuery("DELETE FROM MYTABLE WHERE CASE_NO=$caseNo");
The problem is that this solution isn't foolproof, because the user can use also use the Steps menu to return to Dynaform A or simply reopen the case and go to Dynaform A.

You are better off to simply use the following trigger before Dynaform A, so that any possible records are always deleted:
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$caseNo = @@APP_NUMBER;

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