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Dear Experts,
I installed mysql, apache and php 5.6 . After that, according to the link below ... stallation
, I changed the files and configurations.
When I went to Home > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools and doubled click on Services, and restarted apache24., I saw this error:
windows could not start the apache2.4 on local Computer.
After that, I went to Event Viewer, and saw some errors. For example, I saw this:
Invalid command ‘ExpiresActive’ perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not include in the server configuration
I would be appreciated if you give me the solution in order to tackle my problem
Looking forward to your comments
Kind Regards
Dear Amos,
I managed to Install PM in manual way, however when I tried to import my processes to that, PM gave this error:
Unable to execute UPDATE statement. [wrapped: could not execute upadate [Native Error: Incorrect string value: ‘\xD9\x81\xD8\xA7…’ for column ‘str’ at row 1][User Info: UPDATE CONTENT SET ‘CON_VALUE WHERE CONTENT.CON_CATEGORY=’PRO_TITLE’Process123’= AND CONTENT.CON_PARENT= “AND …

In general, I can not design any process. I can not delete the processes, too. It sounds, this page does not work properly.
in first login to mysql as the root user, I saw this:
I also studied ProcessMaker is not compatible with MySQL STRICT mode which is turned on by default as of MySQL 5.6.6. The sql_mode setting should not include NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION, STRICT_ALL_TABLES, STRICT_TRANS_TABLES or other values.
It was mentioned: To disable these options, edit the my.cnf configuration file with a plain text editor and set the following line:
Where is my.cnf? And, can you please explain in more details. I installed in manual way on windows server 2016.

I was wondering if you could help me with this

Kind Regards
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Dear Fatih, thanks for your kind reply
It sounds, I could solve my problem!
if some people face my problem, they should do the following steps
1) obey this link: ... trict_Mode
2) In mysql command, you should enter the codes below:
mysql> SET @@SESSION.sql_mode="";
mysql> SET @@GLOBAL.sql_mode="";


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