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By DaveMoore
Is there a way to do anchor links on a page so a user can click on a link and jump to another location on the page?

I tried using standard HTML syntax for this where the anchor is labeled as <a name = "anchorname"></a> and the link to reach that the anchor would be coded as: <A href=" #anchorname">Go to Anchor</A> however whenever I do this ProcessMaker inserts additional URL code that includes the PRO_UID and DYN_UID which causes this to not work when acutally trying it in a workflow.

Any help would be appreciated.

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By amosbatto
If you are using a link field, then ProcessMaker screws up relative links in older versions of ProcessMaker. What version of ProcessMaker are you using?
You can get around this problem by using JavaScript to replace the link:
$("#myLink").find("a").prop("href", "#myAnchor");

The other way to get around this problem is to use a panel field to insert HTML in the Dynaform. You can also use JavaScript to insert the HTML code in the Dynaform, like this:
$("#firstName").closest("div.row").before('<div style="float:right;">\
<a href="#gradeSchool">schooling</a>, <a href="#fathersFullName">parents</a>, <a href="#submit">end</a></div>');

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