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Hello, i was wondering what the best way would be to route a case with a CRON job? It would run it once a day to see if todays date met a certain deadline. If it did, we would route the case to the next step which would be to complete it. Let me know if anyone has an ideas. Thanks.
You can create a custom script that uses web services or REST to route cases based on a criteria, which is executed by a cron job, but I recommend that you create a separate process which loops to execute a script task and uses an intermediate timer event.

The basic idea is explained here: ... is_overdue

Instead of sending a message with PMFSendMessage() in the trigger, you can call PMFDerivateCase() to route on the case.

Here is the trigger that you can use in the script task:
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//set to the ID of the task which should send an email when overdue.
//this ID can be found by running a case in Debug Mode and looking at the TASK system variable:
$taskId = '3839855285b99bcad876958079357667';

//Search for cases where the task is overdue:
$now = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");

$aCases = executeQuery($query);

if (!is_array($aCases)) {
  die("Error: Bad Query: $query\n");
$g = new G();

foreach ($aCases as $aCase) {
   PMFDerivateCase($aCase['APP_UID'], $aCase['DEL_INDEX'], false, $aCase['USR_UID']);  
You can change the code of your SQL query. If you only want to execute on particular dates, then you should check out PHP's PHP's date() function to make a condition that you can check in the code.
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