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By dhanaulia
How to create new custom trigger with code in rest api?
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By ziadeh
You can create a trigger in PM designer and call it from rest api read this

Also if you want to create a custom code and call it from rest api, you have to create a php file in
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{Your processmaker path}/workflow/engine/src/ProcessMaker/Services/Api
There are couple of test files so you can get some ideas from them.

After you create a rest api php file and made your custom code you need to delete routes.php file:
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{Your processmaker path}/shared/sites/workflow/routes.php
And PM will generate a new one that have your code.

Also you can use Extrarest api for Amosbatto
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By dhanaulia
i create new trigger with code using postman. it was success, but when i open in website, code is gone and type change to wizard. can anyone help me?
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By dhanaulia
I didn't have a code plugin. Is really necessary to create php file? but i just trying to create new trigger with code. because i trying in website and completely fine. i just copy my code in web and paste in postman. but the result was different (i try in postman, and type change to wizard)
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By dhanaulia
i followed your instructions and response was 200 but i open that trigger in website, trigger type turns become wizard (it happened if i add some tri_webbot). but if i create new trigger without add code in tri_webbot, when i open my trigger in website its normal. how can i adding some code in tri_webbot without error like that?
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By amosbatto
I got it to work by setting tri_param to "" (an empty string).

Here is the PHP code I used:
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	$processId = '2606490355c64d95da1c7d2093841486';
	$aVars = array(
	    "tri_title"      => "Set products list 2",
		"tri_description"=> "short list of products 2",
		"tri_type"       => "SCRIPT",
		"tri_webbot"     => "@=aProducts = array(
	array('hello', 'Hello'),
	array('kitty', 'Kitty')
@@test = 2;",
		"tri_param"      => ""

	$url = "/api/1.0/workflow/project/$processId/trigger";
	$oRet = pmRestRequest("POST", $url, $aVars, $oToken->access_token);
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