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when we write something in case label in title field in task properties, it will be seen in case field in inbox. and we can use variable in it.
if i want to have multi line what can i do?
i tested <br/>\n or \n between words but it dos not work :
Screenshot_2019-01-10 (admin in workflow).png
multi line in case lable
Screenshot_2019-01-10 (admin in workflow).png (9.61 KiB) Viewed 252 times
is there a solution?
thanks in advance.
This one took me a while to figure out.
Edit your workflow/engine/templates/cases/casesList.js file and change line 521 from:
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        metadata.attr = 'ext:qtip="' + data + '" style="'+ style +' white-space: normal; "'; 
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        metadata.attr = 'ext:qtip="' + data + '" style="'+ style +' white-space: pre-wrap; "'; 
Then, use PhpMyAdmin to open your MySQL database and change the TASK.TAS_DEF_TITLE field for your task to "Name: @#name
Family: @#family".
(so there is a hard return between @#name and Family)
EditInPphMyAdmin.png (91.51 KiB) Viewed 244 times
Now you should be able to see hard returns in the case list:
LineWrapInCaseList.png (9.44 KiB) Viewed 244 times
very good it works.
thanks to take a time to solve it.
please suggest PM developer team to solve this in future version :
1- modify above js
2- let users to add something like \n in title of case label.
3-dont embrace variable values with " in output

thanks very much

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