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By amosbatto
If you are trying to upgrade a Bitnami installation, then it won't work.
What is your operating system?

Try deleting the cache in your web browser.
You might have a file permission problem, so Apache isn't able to read the files. If using Linux, set these file permissions.

If none of those things work, then list the exact steps you took when upgrading.
By djpigc
Hi bro,
Use UBUNTU 16.4, with PHP 5.6 and Mysql 5.7. Verify all access, including I gave access to the entire folder.

I deleted the browser cache, I did tests with other browsers.
Use the upgrade steps that are in the wiki.

I use ProcessMaker since version 1.6. With launch 3.0 version, I install from cero, a fresh, clean version.

I mean, I do not know why it does not work now.

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