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By OlusijiDavid
Hi, Im relatively new to processmaker and I've just learnt about developing plugins.

I'd like to know if ExtJs will be the frontend framework used in developing plugins in the upcoming processmaker 4.

Is it at all possible to use another front end framework (VueJs) to develop plugins in processmaker 3.

Thank you
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By amosbatto
I talked to the developers. The plan for ProcessMaker version 4 is to use Laravel in the backend and Vue.js in the frontend. The whole interface will run on REST calls, so you can reimplement it with any JavaScript framework. However, PM 4 is probably going to be released in 2019/2020, so it is far in the future and you shouldn't plan anything until we at least have a beta for you to test.

PM 3 will probably be supported for a long time into the future, because PM 4 will not be backward compatible, so people will need to keep using PM 3. That is the plan at this point, but it may change in the future. You should do your development based on PM 3 for now.
By OlusijiDavid
Laravel and VueJs sounds super great to me. But i understand the likely issues with backwards compatibility.

I suppose learning ExtJs is still a very reasonable investment going forward.

Thank you Amos Batto.
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By jemiris
Wow, Thanks it's good to hear about it. I'm really excited to work Laravel and Vue.js. That sounds really good. We are waiting for the release as a stable version PM4
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By amosbatto
It is looking like PM4 will be released near the end of 2019. There won't initially be a script to migrate from PM 3 to PM 4, but the plan is to eventually provide a script to migrate processes and users to PM 4, but all triggers and JavaScript code will have to be rewritten, so it won't be an easy upgrade. That is what I have been told so far, but none of these plans are set in stone, so they might change.
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By jemiris
Yes, Thanks for the update.

Actually, I have just installed via composer and saw. It looks great. I liked it. Still, it's in development mode

The screenshots which I have tried

Step: 1
install-packages.png (71.97 KiB) Viewed 1072 times
Step: 2
install-npm.png (45.47 KiB) Viewed 1072 times
Step: 3
install-processmaker.png (46.45 KiB) Viewed 1072 times
Step: 4
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