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I want to customize PM login page. I want to add login function to my default website and let my users can login direcdtly from my company webpage. İs it possible to add PM login function to another html page
You can implement your own login page and then send the username and password to the login() web service. After you obtain the session ID, you can attach ?sid=<session-id> to any URL in ProcessMaker and redirect there.

See this code example: ... atic_Login

ProcessMaker will automatically redisplay the login screen at workflow/engine/methods/login/login.php when the login session expires. To prevent this, add this line at the top of the file to redirect to your custom login page:
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header("location: /path/mycustomloginpage.php"); 
amosbatto wrote: Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:59 am By the way, if you want to place your custom login screen inside ProcessMaker, I recommend either using the workflow/engine/methods/login/ or workflow/public_html/ directories.
Dear Amos, I studied previous posts about Automatic Login. I also studied this link: ... atic_Login
I have my special program, and I put aforementioned codes in my special program. My intention is that, when users enter to my program, they can enter processmaker automatically. I faced with this error:
Unable to connect to ProcessMaker.
Error Message: Wrong password
Are there more examples for the topic? or Would you please explain it in more details? Which variables must be changed?
Looking forward to your comments,
Kind Regards
Are you able to login using web services?
Note: I think that they have disabled logging in to web services using the hashed password in recent versions of PM due to security restrictions, so you have to use the real password.

If you aren't able to login using web services, please post your code.

ProcessMaker Enterprise version offers Single Sign On: ... n_in_Linux

If you aren't willing to pay for the Enterprise Edition, then study this code:

I don't have time to study the code and figure it out.

If you want to customize how authentication is done, see: ... ustom_Code
Thanks for your consideration;
If I want to have a single sign-on feature, is there any solution? For example, an open source software or like this?
after that, I integrate it with CE?
Because, ProcessMaker does not sell just this plugin and they sell all of EE features.
I would be appreciated if you give me a help for this.
Kind Regards
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