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By benoitp

I would like on allow people to save their login/password of the login page, in their browser.

Any idea how to allow this ?

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By amosbatto
The ability to store PM passwords on the web browser was disabled in the ProcessMaker code last year for security reasons. If you think that it should be an option, then file a bug report about it and link to your bug report here, so I can do follow up.

(I asked for this option last year, but the developers were convinced that no one needed it, so people have to ask for it to change their mind.)
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By programerboy
The question is for 2017 and my and and now I've the same problem in 2019 :D

Anyway, You can comment the bottom line in loginpm3.xml source:
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document.getElementById("form[USR_PASSWORD_MASK]").value = "";
By benoitp
:o You rocks !!!!

It's so annoying that many users don't want to use ProcessMaker in my company.

I don't understand why ProcessMaker don't give the choice to the admin to enable/disable this.

Thanks a lot :D
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