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In the documentation of "Self Service Value Based Assignment", it states "The value of @SYS_GROUP_TO_BE_ASSIGNED can be set in a trigger, which should be set to fire at some time before task assignment".

I create a workflow and leave the variable as @@SYS_GROUP_TO_BE_ASSIGNED as default value of self service value based Assignment of the task , I do not have any trigger to assign any value to this variable. The workflow works fine.
It just assign the task to user group of this task.

So my question is, is this variable having default value set by processmaker?
Hi liliana:

Here is the capture of the workflow.
The is the self Service Value Base Assignment setting
selfServiceValuebaseAssign.png (22.17 KiB) Viewed 2669 times
This is user group assigned to this task
taskUserGroup.png (12.4 KiB) Viewed 2669 times
Do you mean the value of this variable @@SYS_GROUP_TO_BE_ASSIGNED is set by default as well? I do not think I have any trigger to assign a value to this variable. And the workflow works fine. It assigned the task to the AU Domestic commercial Managers

If so, the documentation about this feature is a little bit unclear.

Would you clarify about the value assignment to this variable?


kindly regards


Yes, but you can change it and use it in a trigger or in a dynaform, the valu by default will be only set in the task properties. For example you can change that variable to @@Groups and that variable could be used inside your dynaform to list all groups you have created. Then you don't need to assign any groups or users in your task since everything is being controlled by your dynaform, so when you start a case you can choose the group where users will be assigned to the next task, as this is a self service, all users will receive the case but the one who claims it will be the owner.
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