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By saadishahin
Hello liliana,

Thanks for you reply.

Yes i have the latest version of Enterprise Edition plugin and PM 2.5.1, i also activated the ELock plugin, and inserted an elock field in my dynaform.

the wiki says that it should work automatically but its not working, can you provide me with steps to use it? so it can be added to the wiki too.
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By liliana

Well, the thing is we need to have some updates on the e-lock server side, that's why our documentation has not been completed yet, let me check this issue with the e-lock people and I'll let you know about any news I'll have.

By saadishahin

Sorry but things are not clarified to me, do i need to install an E-Lock server side solution and use the Enterprise plugin to integrate it with PM ? or its already integrated inside PM?


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