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By ThijsVerhees
Is there a PDF-version of the documentation?
That would be verry handy in studying Processmaker as businesstool.

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By amosbatto
No ProcessMaker documentation is currently available in PDF. We used to have a PDF document, but it became so outdated that we no longer use it. We are planning to make a new PDF once we finish documenting the integrations.
By chaait
Hi amosbatto,
I found out that there are very less documentations available on any topic of ProcessMaker. The only available documentation is the wiki for ProcessMaker. If certain errors rise up, there is only one forum that works on it.
So it would be great if we get a PDF version of documentation.
Thank you.
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By yamilurbina
Hi ThijsVerhees,

I'll look into this and perhaps we can use a PDF generator from the Wiki so we can have an updated version with each ProcessMaker release so everyone can read the documentation offline.

Best regards
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By yamilurbina
It's difficult to have a 100% accurate document, but we'll make sure that works with their correspondent ProcessMaker release. Perhaps some volunteers from the community would be willing to help?
By Ariel55
I too had been wondering whether there was a PDF version of the documentation available. I believe it would really aid most of us here in getting to understand Process Maker more and how it functions as an excellent business tool. Please do update here when you guys are ready with the PDF version.
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