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I'm going to try to translate to Traditional Chinese but I got an error message while I imported a po file.(even I only modified catalog of en and not modified the other contents). The error message is
Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:\Program Files\ProcessMaker\apps\processmaker\htdocs\workflow\engine\classes\class.languages.php on line 86string(31) "The .po file have a bad format!"

And I found a lot of same error in Apache error.log even I only executed imported action one time.
My environment is Win2003 Server & IE 8, POedit v1.4.3
My steps are:
1. export en po file from PM (Admin->Languages->Export)
2. use POedit change the catalog of en po ("Language -> Chinese & Country -> Taiwan)
3. save as "processmaker.zh.po"
4. import zh po file into PM
5. Failed

Please refer the attachment for screen capture. Do I use the wrong steps? Thanks.

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I figured out what the problem is. There is a bug in PoEdit. In the original PO file you have the PO entry:
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msgid "Field \\\"table\\\" is required"
msgstr "Field \\\"table\\\" is required"
When PoEdit saves, that gets transformed to:
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msgid "Field \\"table\\" is required"
msgstr "Field \\"table\\" is required"
Changing \\\" to \\" terminates the strings and screws everything up. What you need to do is change \\" back to \\\" with a bare text editor. Then you can import the file OK.

I have filed a bug report with PoEdit about this at: http://www.poedit.net/trac/ticket/319
If you use Linux, I suggest using KBabel instead of PoEdit. Otherwise, you will have to manually edit the file before importing into ProcessMaker.
Thanks. I'll try it later.
Actually, I found it's OK (import into PM, no error) while I used the other language PO.
So I already translated using Itlian.po to Traditional Chinese and almost completed 80%.
But you know, Itlian.po is for old version vs. r2838.

nelson wrote:Actually, I found it's OK (import into PM, no error) while I used the other language PO.

Working with an older PO file works because it doesn't include any phrases with \\\"
nelson wrote:So I already translated using Itlian.po to Traditional Chinese and almost completed 80

Excellent. If you would like other people to be able to use your Chinese translation, please send me your translation at amos AT colosa DOT com and I will post it on the wiki. We would love to see people using ProcessMaker in Chinese.

Right now we are working on a skin to allow people to use ProcessMaker with right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew, so hopefully ProcessMaker can become a better program for non-Western languages.

I have a special interest in software translation, since I cofounded a group to translate software into indigenous languages of the Andes. Right now I'm working on an AJAX program to help translators to collaborate and translate software online. I'm just in the starting phases, but it should be much better than the web-based PO editors which are currently available.
Dear amosbatto,

The imported failure is not caused by "\\\" problem.
I found POedit will change line 3246 & line 3253 after save the us.po file every time and this will cause importing failure.
(refer the attachment.)
After use bare TEXT editor to fix these two lines, then it can be imported successfully.

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