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Dear Community,

We are glad to announce the start of the first ProcessMaker Beta testing, which will be available to download form version 2.0.46 on, it means that before each release, a beta version will be available to have it tested by the Community. So please be aware of this version because it is not the official release, it is still in test mode.

Starting this pre-release period, the material will be published on our sourceforge page under the following path:


In case of this release, download files from this link all the material described as follows:

- ProcessMaker Installer: processmaker-2.0.46-testing.5.tar.gz,

- Windows Installer: ProcessMaker-2.0.46-testing.5-Setup.exe

- List of bugs to be tested: Bug List.txt

- List of New Features to be tested: New Features List.txt

It is recommended to run tests on New installations and Upgrades.

Tests needs to be done, during 2 weeks from the day on which Beta Testing has been published. All feedback about bugs, new features or new bugs found on this beta release will be received on this post, or by sending an email to lilianaATcolosaDOTcom.

Thanks in advance to all Community which always give a great support and feedback!!!

Best Regards.
Hi all,

A new version of the Beta Testing, processmaker-2.0.46-testing.6.tar.gz., is ready to download. Check the following bug list to have this new version tested:

1. Problem with the "Current Task Properties" on Participated and Advanced search
2. Case Notes. The scroll bar is not enabled when the case notes has long words. (Approx 36 characters.)
3. Case Notes. The text is not displayed when using the characters <>.
4. Case Notes. The case notes does not work well after adding notes with HTML tags.
5. Case Notes. The counter of Case notes displays the number of case notes visible.
6. PMFGetCaseNotes function. The wizard does not work properly.
7. Case Notes. After adding case notes, ProcessMaker allows add notes to any case.
8. Steps page. Multiple login in Steps page.
9. Error on PMFgetLabelOption() function.
10.P.M. 2.0.46 testing5: Case order on Documents does not match.

Also, there is a new implementation, now on advance search there won't show any results by default and a message will display to enter a search criteria.

There is also the bug list published with the name of Bug List Testing 6.txt

This testing will be available to download and test just for few days, because ProcessMaker version 2.0.46 is planning to be released on February.

We will be looking forward of your feedback.

Best Regards.
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