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If anyone tried to use ProcessMaker's web services in the past, they would have found that the documentation was wrong. The functions listed in the old wiki page did not work, because they were functions used internally by ProcessMaker rather than those designed to be used as web services. All the parameters and the return values for the functions listed in the old wiki page were simply wrong. A huge problem with ProcessMaker is the lack of adequate documentation, but we are working on it.

I have posted new documentation on web services with examples of how to use the majority of functions. Please let me know if anything is unclear or anything needs to be added.

While working on the documentation I noticed that the getVariables() function returns a NULL object and getCaseInfo() returns a different object from the one listed in the wsdl2 page. Please let us know with bug reports if there is anything else which doesn't function correctly.

I have also added a bug report requesting a triggerList() function. Are there any other functions that people would like to see in ProcessMaker's web services?

Amos Batto
ProcessMaker's Community Lead

okay thanks

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