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By debosky007
I created few departments under the admin section. I need to write a query to populate a drop-down with dept_id and dept_description. I want to use this to drive routing of tasks. e.g when a user selects treasury in the department combo, let the task flow to the head of Treasury department which i defined during department creation. (Pls note i don't want to use the Reports To designation rule, wanna use value-based)
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By ronrich
hi debosky007

1) populating your dropdown box
First you have to create your database in your Phpmyadmin or PMtable(Admin >> Settings >> PM tables), I dont know what are you using, but affter you did that you have to fill your dropdown box(if its an external database you need to create the connection first and then select the connection name you just created in the dropdown SQL_connection properties, if you are using a PM table you have to select the processmaker default database where PMtables are stored, in the dropdown properties wich is Workflow).

once you did all these steps you have to put your query in the SQL field in the dropdown properties, something like this
SELECT dep_id, dep_description FROM departments

now you have your dropdown Filled with your database data

2) Routing tasks to the selected option on your dropdown box
First you have to create the task for each department
now you have to use de Evaluation tool and inside of it you have to put your conditions
you can find an example of this in this link: ... uting_Rule

Hope it's helpful to you
Ronald Richter

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