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By ethanpresberg
Hi All,

I dont mean this as critisicim or anything, I understand that the people maintaining the wiki are not native english speakers, and therefore they are translating from their own tounge, where it might make sense, but it doesnt in english.

The following is a snippet from the wiki that is not at ALL clear on which change to make... Please can someone clarify?

Modifying my.cnf file
Modify this file for MySql versions 5.5.x or greater
To avoid problems running triggers on mysql the default go to my.conf located at /etc and change parameter from binlog_format=mixed to binlog_format=row therefore is recommended to change the configuration binlog_format = MIXED.
By victormlj
Thank you for your recommendation. If you see or have more recommendation please let us know so our team can make any correction to the wiki.

Victor M Larrea
ProcessMaker Support Team

Not sure if you have been able to make this change to the wiki or not, but here is a correct english grammar that makes sense:

To avoid problems running mysql triggers please modify the mysql settings located in the following directories in *nix based systems: /etc/my.cnf.
Make sure that the binlog_format variable is set to *whatever variable should be set, since I honestly cannot tell from the wiki*

Also, if you make the wiki open for editing, then people who are native english speakers, like myself, can just change it to make more sense when we read the wiki and see something like this... It used to be open, not sure why you guys closed it...
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By liliana
Hi Zeddicus,

We've closed the wiki because of spam, there were a lot of spam entries, so we decided to close it but I can talk here to create an account for you in order to help us editing some grammar mistakes.

Thanks for your concern

Also, have you looked at these options? Our wiki is running on the MediWiki, and there are extensions to the wiki that will enable everyone and anyone to edit the wiki, but only be published if they are approved...

Just something to think about..

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