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By pierrot
Hi !
I start french translation, but i have a problem with update language.
I'v got some text ok in french but not all...
The xml files are updated (i see that with the modification date) but i dont see <fr>mytexte</fr> in it....
Also i don't understand the necessary of the database table "translation" ?????
i need some help here! thankk!!!
By pierrot
Hello pcabero

Thank you for your answer! I will wait for good release and best integration of translation and the possibility of deleting a new language! :lol:
I have broken my installation of Processmaker with this :) So i dont change anymore my language for the moment.
Another thing, i think it will be great that Processmaker export the workflow with all the informations of group and user.... surely too much complicate :(
Or at least an apart export of user and group.
It brings nothing but great news for ProcessMaker to reach a global audience now. It is easy to work in English as well, but working on your native tongue would be much better as most corporate discussions work their way around it. I do hope that it would reach a bigger audience as the software is really helpful especially on patterned jobs.

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