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By jagannew
I am using processmaker for workflow in an application. when iam trying to download file from the application not from the processmaker, it was redirecting to processmaker home page /login page.
Actually my scenario is to only download the file. because we are not showing the user regarding the workflow designed tool.
So, suggest us to only to download the file instead of redirecting to login page for creating an active sessions in processmaker.
Because client doesn't need to know what the backened is.
Client expects only file download, not login again or create an active session page with process maker in the browser.

Does processmaker supports the way which we asked.

***Please reply with a demonstrative scenarios rather than asking our code to be exposed.
By buffinga

has anybody found a solution to this? I am having the same problem: I would love users to download a file without knowing too much about the "backend".

There are two options I see:
- Find a way to have users download the file through some kind of direct link (e.g. moving the file to a web-accessible location - no idea how)
- Create a special user only for file access. That is a lot more cumbersome because even if I give the correct link to directly download the file, entering the credetials doesn't prompt the download but redirects to the home rather than the original link destination.

I would be happy with either option, as long as an unregistered user can download a generated pdf the easiest way.

Does anybody know a good workaround to this? I am using 3.1 but maybe rundyz is too?
By buffinga
Ok guys, I found a solution that works for me!

It is not the simplest but it works acceptably for most naive users :wink:

The user experience with my solution:
- A user will receive a link and a simple username and password (such as "download" "invoice").
- When the user clicks on the link, he go to the login page
- As soon as the login details have been entered, the download is automatically initiated
-> From the standpoint of the user this is similarly complex as opening password protected pdf. I am satisfied with this solution.

How did I achieve that:
1) Create a new user with extremely limited access. Give him a simple username and password (e.g. "dowload" "invoice")
2) Give that user access to the file / process / step / whatever you want him to have
3) Create a link using the following pattern: HOSTNAME/sysworkflow/en/neoclassic/login/login?u=URLTOTHEFILE

In my case URLTOTHEFILE was something like /sysworkflow/neoclassic/en/cases/cases_ShowOutputDocument?a=15838098230948908095d74efc0065930242&v=1&ext=pdf
and had been generated through a trigger using one of the many examples available in the processmaker wiki.

IMPORTANT: you have to URL-encode the URL using a function such as urlencode() in your trigger.

That's it. I hope it helps anyone with a similar problem
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